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A question about using UpnP technical question was sent by readers. Whether it was good policy to disable this on home routers.

Definition UPnP: is short for Universal Plug and Play, which is a networking architecture that provides compatibility among networking equipment, software, and peripherals. This router has optional UPnP capability, and can work with other UPnP devices and software.

In the past Malware and other cyber attacks used this to attack or access network assets, including documents, pictures, ect.   Best Practice would be to disable UPnPs , upgrade Firmware and check automatic Updates, & use industry Best Practices from Credible Sources.

Check with https://CyberCrime.gov and your manufacture of Router. It is better to over do it than have your privacy invaded, and stole data. If you have a hack, report to FBI, ISP (Internet Service Provider) and credit reporting for IDentity Lock on Credit Files  even Medical

published Ronald Brown April 26,2017 (C)




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