Iconic Local Marsh Stores Now History

Marsh Supermarkets, a central-Indiana institution, has sold many of its stores to competitors and is closing the rest. A look at the chain’s demise here.

via Goodbye to the last local grocery chain in Indianapolis — Down the Road

For many years, the Marsh family operated the market stores which set the trends in technology, and customer services. Many younger people don’t remember the days of lines of credit for food until the next payday, or meat butcher cutting and packaging your choice cuts of meats for the sunday dinners over grandmothers house.  Or even hot summer day at the  4th of July BarbeCUEs with Grandfather working the drill, as we enjoyed grape or peach fagos.

We at one time in Indianapolis knew the families operators of the stores, and markets we conducted business with. For a moment of time, we felt apart of a community growing. “Nap Town”, located in “Hoosier” land: Indianapolis, Indiana; was a city of long blocks; yet small town connections. The lost  of Marsh Stores aka Home town market, we may have lost more than we know at this point of time.

To all of the employees and friends, thank you for your smiles, and kind words when packing our foods items. You and Marsh will be missed.

Respectfully Submitted this day 23 June 2017 (c) , friendly customer