Signs of Change in the wind?

In an article in the Indianapolis Star Paper Sunday, “Health Care Debate Brings Challenge”. In the article, Democrats plan to enter the race to challenge newly elected Trey Hollingworth. The article authored by Maureen Groppe ( Washington Bureau) pointed out several issues which Congressmen and even some Republican Senators will have to address in their re-election campaigns.

For many years, Military veterans, first responders, and retirees health care continue to be at the forefront in many articles and debates on C-Span. The backlash of the Indiana GOP asking, “what is your horror story “; showed the plus and benefits, as well as the undeniable problems with the American Health Care system. It is a complex system and many moving parts.

Like so many Americans, my family has high deductibles including co-pays. Even a well -meaning friend, commented I wanted free Healthcare. Many families have served our country and communities or even retired from companies. Retirees and others see the coverage from what was agreed upon to now decreased coverage, increase fees and co-pays. Or even worst, after the crash in 2008 aka “Too big to Fail” corporations bankrupt to get our of paying underfunded pensions, and assurance policies.  These types of actions effected many of the current Trump based supporters.

As the Debate continues, many of the Republican Governors have also expressed their concerns with several versions of ACA. Insurance companies, Doctors, and Hospitals not even sure how to plan care for increasing aging populations.  Rural Health Care Networks in small farming communities are seeing clinics closing, or refusing to board new patients into their networks. Again, these areas like Kentucky benefited from the “Obama Care”, which is a large Trump support fan base. However, when many of the Trump Supporters discovered their coverage would be among the twenty-two (22) million according to the CBO reports, the wind changed.

We need as a nation, to come together. We need to ask hard questions of our elected leaders, and even the free press. Militaries like myself and other paid into the system in taxes and blood for the right to ask hard questions. The system has problems, yes. Agreed is one of the problems in American. Read for ourselves the articles of law and policies. As on of my close friend’s quote, “True needs no Embellishment”, Professor of Law John. Wesley Brooks, JDph.

“Health care debate brings challenge” by Maureen Groppe is just the first warning sign for not only Republican control in Washington, D.C. but nationally to both parties. Americans are tired of the blame game. Take care of the Peoples business which elected you to power. We will hold all to account in 2018 and 2020. Because of the dysfunction, more have the right and moral responsibility to vote. Our Freedoms are not free. It was paid for by those who have this nation their all.  Services are not free, citizens pay taxes.

Published July 9, 2017, By R Brown (c)