There’s a bug in Apple’s most recent operating system — FOX59

There’s a flaw in Apple’s newest computer operating system that allows someone to gain administrative capabilities without a password. The flaw, discovered by developer Lemi Orhan Ergan and his colleagues, affects macOS High Sierra. To exploit the vulnerability, someone with access to the computer can type “root” and no password in the Users & Groups… via There’s a bug in Apple’s most recent operating system — FOX59 Advertisements Continue reading There’s a bug in Apple’s most recent operating system — FOX59


The holiday season is generally a big time for energy use (Turkeys to cook, lights to hang, guest rooms to keep warm and the list goes on … ), but that doesn’t you can’t keep your utility bill in check. Check out the following tips to help you save energy and money at home during […] via The 12 Days of Energy Savings — Save Energy. Get Paid. Continue reading Happy HOLIDAYS

Circle of lights & Indy’s Spirit

The Celebration of Lights takes place every year on the night after Thanksgiving in Indianapolis. The Soldiers and Sailors Memorial in the middle of downtown Indianapolis transforms into a very tall Christmas tree. The master of ceremonies announced a crowd projected at over 100,000 crammed into the four streets radiating from the Monument Circle. There […] via Celebration of Lights — A Trivial Mind At Work Continue reading Circle of lights & Indy’s Spirit

Giving Thanks This Thanksgiving weekend is a good time to express our gratitude for the jobs, living standards and life spans we enjoy today – largely because of abundant, reliable, affordable energy, 83% of it still because of fossil fuels. As my CFACT colleague Craig Rucker suggests, we should also be grateful that we live in […] via Sharing Our Energy Blessings This Thanksgiving Weekend — peoples trust toronto Continue reading Giving Thanks

Congratulations on your awards

The project designs a communications system that can work even when extreme weather and natural disasters strike By Tuoi Tre News November 22, 2017, 16:00 GMT+7 Two researchers at the awards ceremony Two researchers from Vietnam and the UK have been awarded the prestigious Newton Prize for a project that facilitates communicating in the event […] via UK-Vietnam project wins prestigious Newton Prize — CVD Continue reading Congratulations on your awards

Research Design Workplace

The new research building in Stuttgart is designed on a grid for a highly flexible workplace that serves as a dynamic framework for ongoing research activities. The Center for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research comprises offices, laboratories, meeting and conference facilities. “The grid structure of the research centre ensures a high degree of mobility and freedom to change and expand the building”, explains Design Director Louis Becker, Henning Larsen Architects. “The building has a rational design and is organised in modules. Carefully integrated into the surrounding context, the building features various heights that relate to the city and adjacent buildings. … Continue reading Research Design Workplace

Teaming up Fund Raiser for Indy Parks

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Helping local families eat local and stay healthy at the same time – that’s what Indy Acres aims to do. And on Sunday, October 15, you can help them with their mission. The Indy Parks Foundation and Goose Island Brewery are teaming up for the “Sofie Brunch.” Event guests will be able… via Indy Parks Foundation, Goose Island Brewery team up for fundraiser — FOX59 Continue reading Teaming up Fund Raiser for Indy Parks

IoT Systems & Facilities Technology

Life Science companies and institutes are always under pressure to ensure their operations are up to the set standards. That is in terms of workers /learners’ safety, containment of hazardous materials and safeguarding the integrity of manufacturing processes. They are also faced with other obligations such as adopting and maintaining regulatory compliance and controlling theft […] via Control Systems for Life Science Facilities — phoenixtechnology Continue reading IoT Systems & Facilities Technology

Rising Star

Original Link : Tell us how did you end up in such an offbeat, unconventional and uncommon career? Meera was drawn to U-M even while completing her master’s degree in Control Systems in India. She was studying the research of Professor Semyon Meerkov, a renowned U-M faculty member, for her masters’ thesis; she found […] via Xerox Professional Interview — Offbeat, unusual, unique, unconventional & interesting career interviews ! Continue reading Rising Star