Come Back Gaming System

Nintendo have just held a press occasion in Japan outlining their next console, the Nintendo Switch over. Friday’s occasion was the initial possibility to display the Switch over to the media given that the teaser video clip. Remember seeing that bomber fly from the history right into the foreground in the very first stage? Their […] via Nintendo Wishes to Reboot With Launch Of New Switch Game Console — carter01carter’s blogs Advertisements Continue reading Come Back Gaming System

Resident Evil, Uk/German movie (2002) — Raistlin0903

I used to be a very fanatical gamer, until a completely insane online Call of Duty session pretty much ended my gaming days. I lost interest in the virtual gaming world, and went back to old school gaming otherwise known as boardgames. But that does not mean that I don’t look back on my gaming […] via Resident Evil, Uk/German movie (2002) — Raistlin0903 Continue reading Resident Evil, Uk/German movie (2002) — Raistlin0903

Sword Art Online Abridged Series Review

Overview: Sword Art Online Abridged is a parody series of Sword Art Online from Something Witty Entertainment over on YouTube. The story is essentially the same but the show has been recut with scenes removed, and it has an entirely new dub. Review: It is odd that I’m reviewing the abridged version of SAO before […] via Sword Art Online Abridged Series Review — 100WordAnime Continue reading Sword Art Online Abridged Series Review

LA Gaming Convention In June

By Luis Fajardo , Staff Writer With E3 just around the corner, there are many details as to what will be showcased throughout the conferences and there are also other things that fans are anticipating to be revealed during the big event. E3, a gaming conference, takes place at the Los Angeles Convention Center, June […] via Anticipation grows for E3 gaming convention downtown June 13-15 — Harbor Tides Continue reading LA Gaming Convention In June

Childhood Video Games

I have always appreciated video games. My involvement with the online community didn’t begin but only a couple years ago, and I have really enjoyed the interesting people and comradery of online gaming. Here are a few games that shaped the way I look at gaming today, and got me interested in video games when […] via Which Video Games Shaped Your Childhood? — Hannah Fearless Continue reading Childhood Video Games

Gamers Apps for Android

Download only quality in addition to reviewed free Android apps and even games from verified developers. At some of our web pages, you could order products, enter competitions, election in polls or otherwise express an impression, or subscribe to one of our software program as our online newsletters, or perhaps participate in one of our […] via Android Apps In addition to Games — mckinleyyde1’s blogs Continue reading Gamers Apps for Android

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 opens in now familiar territory: our intrepid band of heroic space-goofs trade some quips, tease out some deeper emotional conflicts, and lay the smack on a cosmic slug to some super sounds of the 70s while Baby Groot (Vin Diesel) shakes what he’s got. It’s moments like these that made […] via A Bomb in the Lasagna: Get to Know Your Space-Family Better in “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” — Rooster Illusion Continue reading

This week’s episode of Doctor Who finds all three of our heroes abandoning the Vault for an adventure deep in space. This week’s episode finds not only the Doctor and Bill heading out to a rescue mission somewhere in deep space, but Nardole too. After all Nardole’s admonishments and scoldings, why is he leaving Earth […] via Doctor Who Season 10: “Oxygen” Preview — Anibundel Continue reading