G Vectoring Control System Mazda 6

By: Mike Ginsca While SUVs continue to dominate the market, the mid-size sedan still has its place among shoppers. The Mazda 6 has not seen many changes since this latest generation was introduced in 2014. It does feature, however, a few styling tweaks, a new G-Vectoring control system, and a few more gadgets to play […] via Review: 2017 Mazda 6 GT — M.G.Reviews Advertisements Continue reading G Vectoring Control System Mazda 6

Iconic Local Marsh Stores Now History

Marsh Supermarkets, a central-Indiana institution, has sold many of its stores to competitors and is closing the rest. A look at the chain’s demise here. via Goodbye to the last local grocery chain in Indianapolis — Down the Road For many years, the Marsh family operated the market stores which set the trends in technology, and customer services. Many younger people don’t remember the days of lines of credit for food until the next payday, or meat butcher cutting and packaging your choice cuts of meats for the sunday dinners over grandmothers house.  Or even hot summer day at the  4th … Continue reading Iconic Local Marsh Stores Now History