The Green Study Useful Insights

Whenever a blog post gets any attention, I receive comments and emails from new bloggers asking for advice. This is all very flattering and for a few moments, I puff myself up to expound on guidelines about blogging. Except they’re only guidelines for me. What works for me, serves my purpose, meets my needs as […] via Blogging in the Age of Twitter and Other Bits of Unsolicited Advice — The Green Study Continue reading The Green Study Useful Insights

Google Publisher Better Ads Standards?

Google has introduced a tool for publishers to help them identify how annoying and intrusive their site’s ads are. The new tool, called Ad Experience Report, measures how well a site’s ads comply with the Better Ads Standards, which are determined by the Coalition for Better Ads. Publishers can also refer to Google’s new best […] via Google Introduces Tool for Identifying Annoying Ads on Your Site. — Ryker Technologies Continue reading Google Publisher Better Ads Standards?

SnapChat Exclusively for TimeWarner

A recent move by Time Warner Cable shows that Snapchat is still an attractive marketing tool. The company announced that it will pump $100 million into producing content exclusively for Snapchat. Though investors may be shying away from the Snap Inc.’s stock after initial excitement surrounding its IPO, Time Warner’s move signals that content companies […] via Time Warner drops $100M on Snapchat content — Site Title Continue reading SnapChat Exclusively for TimeWarner

Instagram Buff Hello Paris

By Theadora Brack Juggling social media platforms like a smooth operator (if I squint), I’ve recently added Instagram to my grapevine repertoire. That’s right. During the month of November, I created a short stack of photographs of Paris—a baker’s dozen, to be exact! Pirouetting straight to the point: I am hooked. So stay tuned for […] via Paris: Calling All Instagram Buffs — Paris: People, Places and Bling Great ideas for novelist and professionals. -Ronald Brown Continue reading Instagram Buff Hello Paris

Development of API

Trouble Shooter Working We wanted followers of our article blogs to know  that we are working on reported issues with our mobile apps and alerts. We are grateful for the assistance in the development of our blogs and automatic alerts via social media. We have the wonderful talent of companies and freelancers working behind the scenes. So please continue to let us know if you have duplicated alerts. We will continue to resolve these types of issues. Again, thank you so much for your interest and following. Respectfully submitted  June 22, 2017 (c)       Continue reading Development of API

Fearless Girl & Social Media

I’ll admit- when I saw the Fearless Girl statue put up on Wall Street I rolled my eyes, and when I saw Mayor de Blasio’s office make the statement; Men who don’t like women taking up space are exactly why we need the Fearless Girl. I rolled my eyes even harder. I regarded the whole thing […] via Fearless Girl vs. Charging Bull: Social Activism or Marketing Stunt? — Continue reading Fearless Girl & Social Media