Where Dreamliners Production

The 787 Dreamliner is the most advanced passenger plane ever and the first with an interior designed by passengers. As Norwegian gets its first delivery, we head to the Boeing factory near Seattle to see how it’s built (First published in N by Norwegian magazine, August 2013) Eileen Dickson has been giving tours of Boeing’s […] via Where Dreamliners are made — Toby Skinner Continue reading Where Dreamliners Production

Incognito Startup with Tichang

For better or worse, I was raised in the South; Georgia to be exact… I love my biscuits and gravy with a large helping of grits, and it is that Southern grit that first brought me overseas when I started my previous company, Incoqnito, and went to China alone to get my products prototyped and […] via Ti Chang on Manufacturing in China as an American Designer — Design.blog Continue reading Incognito Startup with Tichang

When you think Pickup trucks, your first thought is usually the Ford F-150. That’s why the F-150 pretty much sells itself! Pickup trucks have become more and more updated, technologically enhanced, and full of things that used to be more for luxury cars. We have some people who come into the dealership and buy a truck with […] via The 2018 Ford F-150 — Jason Halliday’s Automotive Technology Continue reading