Instagram Buff Hello Paris

By Theadora Brack Juggling social media platforms like a smooth operator (if I squint), I’ve recently added Instagram to my grapevine repertoire. That’s right. During the month of November, I created a short stack of photographs of Paris—a baker’s dozen, to be exact! Pirouetting straight to the point: I am hooked. So stay tuned for […] via Paris: Calling All Instagram Buffs — Paris: People, Places and Bling Great ideas for novelist and professionals. -Ronald Brown Advertisements Continue reading Instagram Buff Hello Paris

“Social” Media Community-Based

it is 2017. the growth of social media can’t be deny. let me put a definition of a social media that i got from my internet source. “Social media is the collective of online communications channels dedicated to community-based input, interaction, content-sharing and collaboration.” (this definiton isn’t belong to me) okay, this afternoon […] via “Social” Media — My Pen scratch Continue reading “Social” Media Community-Based

Discover – Moments of Time Series

“We looked to each other for the answers, and only saw more confusion reflected back. ‘Can you save me?’ we asked each other. ‘I would if I could, but I think I have to save myself.’” A poignant piece from Leah Harrod Rupp on marriage, “the one,” love, and growth. via The True Story of a Seven-Year Marriage — Discover Continue reading Discover – Moments of Time Series

Cyber Oversite In Social Media

Facebook’s latest response to the public outcry that resulted from the recent livestreaming of a murder on the social network, was announced moments ago when on his personal blog, Mark Zuckerberg announced that over the next year, Facebook “will be adding 3,000 people — on top of the 4,500 we have today — to review […] via Facebook Adding 3,000 Workers To Monitor Videos Of Crime And Suicides — peoples trust toronto Continue reading Cyber Oversite In Social Media

Advertiser’s Perfect Store

Logan Goldberg, BFR Staff The Academy Award for Best Picture — arguably one of the most monetarily valuable honors given anywhere in the world, a fact which is itself absurd — was recently bestowed upon the wrong film. Tens of millions of people from around the globe watched as the most famous humans, with the […] via Personal Essay: Averting the Apocalypse, Quietly — BERKELEY FICTION REVIEW Continue reading Advertiser’s Perfect Store

Social Media Why One Should -Bootbook

Lets chat about social media. There are endless articles focusing on why small-medium businesses should use social media, but does all of that apply to markets? Whether you run a farmers market, craft show, flea market, or swap meet, lets take a look at the top reasons YOU should be using social media to improve […] via Why Your Market Should Use Social Media — Continue reading Social Media Why One Should -Bootbook

Social Media & National Impact

It’s clear that a war for the soul of the nation is underway. The March for Science on Saturday reminded us that the stakes are even higher than that. I snapped this photo because I liked the right-hand sign, “Science – Because you can’t just make shit up.” Only later did I notice the sign […] via Signs of difficult times — The First Gate Continue reading Social Media & National Impact